Endgames: capitalism and climate emergency

| 15th October 2019
Cessnock Bush Fire 18-01-2013
A day of anti-capitalist discussion on the politics of climate breakdown, hosted by RS21.


Every day brings new climate calamities. Beyond these looms the risk of cascading 'tipping points' and runaway warming. Millions of people are suffering under the impact of extractive industries, pollution and climate breakdown, while biodiversity is declining.

The ecological catastrophe is inseparable from the capitalist system, from its border regimes, from imperialist wars, from the relentless drive for profit.

We know the problem facing us is not only technological, but political. A mass movement against climate change is emerging. We need the strategies and practical capability to confront governments and capital to radically reduce emissions. Can the Green New Deal go far enough? What are the alternatives? How do we organise in the face of climate breakdown? 

Event details

RS21 will be hosting a day of anticapitalist discussion on the politics of the climate emergency on 26 October in London.

Details, tickets and programme information can be found on the event's website endgames.earth

Free professional childcare will be available. Advance booking is essential to guarantee a place. Please email the organisers with the names, ages and any specific requirements (e.g. allergies) of your children.

If you'd like to take part and can't afford a £5 unwaged ticket, please email the organisers.

This Article 

This article is based on information from the event website. 

Image: Quarrie Photography, Flickr.

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