Chris Packham

Golden eagle disappears under mysterious circumstances

Katie Dancey-Downs
| 26th February 2018
Leading raptor conservationist Dr Ruth Tingay took to the stage at the Lush Summit 2018 to talk about Fred, a young satellite-tagged golden eagle who has recently disappeared from the Pentland Hills in Scotland under mysterious circumstances. Dr Tingay sat down with KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS of the Lush Times after her talk, to tell her about Fred, and what needs to happen next to put an end to the illegal killing of birds like him

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The Indigenous Climate Action women fighting for mother earth

Katie Dancey-Downs
| 21st February 2018
Indigenous communities are dedicating themselves to protecting the land, ecosystems, and traditional cultures with thousands of years of history. In Canada, Lush Spring Prize 2017 winner Indigenous Climate Action is supporting some of those communities. Lush Times writer KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS visits Indigenous Climate Action to find out more.

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How climate change could intensify plague among black-tailed prairie dogs in the American West

Justice Burnaugh
| 19th February 2018
Mention the plague and people naturally think of the Black Death during the14th Century. Antibiotics have since made the plague a curable disease. But the plague is today sterilising ecosystems in the Western United States. And a warming climate could intensify these outbreaks and expand the plague’s range farther north and into higher altitudes. JUSTICE BURNAUGH investigates

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