The hidden climate change impacts of the tourism industry

Marina Kelava
| 22nd May 2018
The carbon footprint of tourism is four times higher than previously thought according to new research. Travellers from and to the US produce the most greenhouse gasses. The findings also cast serious doubt on attempts to revive small economies by introducing more tourism. MARINA KELAVA reports

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Plan Bee for refugees is creating a buzz

Michael Buckley
| 22nd May 2018
Beekeeping is not only providing a much-needed income for a remote Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal, but is also proving a boon to local flora. It’s a win-win scenario. Economic win, ecological win. MICHAEL BUCKLEY reports

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coffee industry sustainable

Making the coffee industry sustainable

Emily Folk
| 22nd May 2018
Sustainability is increasingly important for implementation in businesses. One of the industries that has been unsustainable since its inception is coffee. However, some major coffee producers have been working to make a more sustainable business model, and the question is: will these efforts be enough to reduce CO2 emissions and decrease waste? EMILY FOLK reports

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Arctic explorers set sights on plastic pollution

Marianne Brown
| 18th May 2018
A team of university students is setting sail to collect research on the possible existence of a sixth ‘great garbage patch’. But as MARIANNE BROWN writes, the team also plans to produce a film and children's book about their findings to spread the word outside of academia

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Ineos plant

Fracking INEOS challenges Scotland ban

Mike Small
| 8th May 2018
The company INEOS is in court today to challenge the Scottish Government over its decision to ban fracking. But much more is at stake than the status of the UK’s newest fossil fuel industry. MIKE SMALL from DeSmog UK reports

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Omega-3 production found in marine invertebrates for the first time

Catherine Harte
| 8th May 2018
The health benefits of Omega-3 to humans are well known. Until now, scientists believed marine microbes were primarily responsible for its production. But in a recent breakthrough, researchers found marine invertebrates such as coral are also capable of producing the essential fatty acid. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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Greenpeace activists revamp the entry of the KBC bank building

Greenpeace declares victory as Belgian bank KBC ends its coal investments

Nick Meynen
| 4th May 2018
The entrance to the headquarters of KBC bank in Brussels was taken by environmental activists Thursday concerned about the financial and climatic risks of coal investments in the Czech Republic. Hours later, the bank surprised the activists by announcing an end to all new coal investments. NICK MEYNEN reports in the inaugural post for our ENVJUSTICE series

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How beekeeping has turned around the lives of a community in Brazil

Katie Dancey-Downs
| 4th May 2018
Some honey producers have a bad reputation for welfare standards - but many beekeepers are doing things very differently. The Barro Vermelho community in Brazil is using beekeeping to help regenerate the natural world, increase bee populations, and simultaneously create a better life for people. Eusebio De Carvalho told his story to The Lush Times writer KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS

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The surprising benefits of predators

Christopher O'Bryan
Eve McDonald-Madden
James Watson
Neil Carter
| 3rd May 2018
When you think of man's best friend, sharks, dingos and lions, don't immediately spring to mind. But new research has shown that predators - once instinctively feared by humans - have a number of important functions and play a key role in supporting our ecosystems. CHRISTOPHER O'BRYAN, EVE McDONALD-MADDEN, JAMES WATSON and NEIL CARTER investigate

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PHOTO ESSAY: The promise of palm oil sows anger and doubt

Gaurav Madan
| 2nd May 2018
Villagers are living in fear of foreign investors exploiting their natural resources as Liberia declares itself 'open for business'. Companies are decimating trees and threatening the livelihoods and culture of these rural communities. GAURAV MADAN documents what life is like for the people of Sinoe County in Liberia.

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Bee on blossom

Campaigners rejoice European Union neonicotinoid ban

Catherine Early
| 30th April 2018
Bee-killing insecticides will face a near total ban in Europe following a vote by member states in favour of proposals by the European Commission. The UK government supported the ban, which it says it will maintain after Brexit. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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